Motoring Across America

With James "Alex" Alexander

with James "Alex" Alexander


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Blog 91: Baseball, Birds, and Brainstorming


Rearview Mirror - Summary of the past week
Headlights - Our schedule as to where we will be heading

Note: click on any photo for a larger image/slideshow)

Rearview Mirror

I had the chance to watch a Red Sox vs. Rays game with friends at the new JetBlue Stadium. Here are a few pics. Note the excitement of the fans…

JetBlue Park

Batter Up

Excited Fans

It was kind of quiet bird-wise on the Island, but here are a few pics.



Mixed Company


Redish Egret

Bored Jerry

My home office is strewn with atlases and maps, brochures and guides. Destinations are being designated, locations are being located, and routes are being routed. Finally our initial phase of Motoring Across America is laid out.

The Journey


April 13: Depart Pine Island
April 14 - 15: Heading north on I-75 then west on I-10
April 16 - 17: Guadalupe Mountains National Park
April 18 - 19: White Sands National Park
April 20 - 21: Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
April 23 - May 5: Chatfield State Park, CO (near Denver) to visit family
May 6 on: We will probably stay in Colorado at least for a month, maybe more, then ???

If you have recommendations regarding the above itinerary, I’d love to hear from you.

See you next week.
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